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Friday, February 25th, 2011
7:53 pm
7 doctor who
6 torchwood
19 actors: jude law, john simm, aidan turner, paul bettany, michael rosenbaum, david tennant, ewan mcgregor, karen gillan, nicole kidman, adrien brody, emmy rossum
9 scrubs, queer as folk (uk), modern family, penelope, star wars, being human
3 crossover: primeval/doctor who, rose/eighth doctor, secret diary/blackpool

here @ studfarm
Thursday, January 28th, 2010
3:10 pm
Legion Banners
16 Banners of Paul Bettany as the Angel Michael from the movie Legion here @ gqmf_graphics .
Thursday, January 24th, 2008
10:54 am
Fic: A Bard's Tale by 2_4_Joy
Hi, everyone. Since there was no answer to the "Is it okay to post fanfiction here" question posted earlier, I'm just going to take the chance and post the link. This story is slash and contains adult content, so don't follow the link unless you're the legal age of consent and not offended by such things.

Fandom: A Knight's Tale
Pairing: Chaucer/Will
Rating: NC-17, for sexual content
Summary: On the road to tournament, Chaucer finds his place in this band of travellers.
A Bard's Tale by 2_4_Joy"
Sunday, August 26th, 2007
9:18 pm
Mixed Graphics

Lucius Malfoy Wallpaper. 2 versions
Matching Icons
123 Way to Annoy Lord Voldemort Icons (1-17)
2 Ewan McGregor Icons
1 Jennifer Connolly Icons
1 Paul Bettany


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Monday, January 1st, 2007
12:03 am
hi to everyone not sitting on a cushion

Hello, guys, I'm a newcomer to this communtiy but not to dear Paul, been a longstanding fan, not a one night stand thankfully.

Nice to be here, and I was wondering if you can post fanfiction here, feel free to tell me to buggar off!

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Sunday, November 5th, 2006
5:42 pm
33 - Wimbledon
12- Sam Roberts Band
16 - The Prestige
16 - Hugh Jackman

Comment and credit jaune, no hotlinking, do not customize. Textless icons aren't bases.

More here.
Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
5:08 pm
127 Wimbledon movie icons


in my lj
Friday, July 28th, 2006
12:33 pm
Well... this is a clip that I have made of the film "Gangster no.1" with the song "Poison". I love so much the character of Paul Bettany... That psicópata assassin! :P Kyaaah! Blood and love! Muhahaha! The lyric of the song could be dedicated to him by me xD I hope that you like !^^ Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nk_x-2LFZ4o

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Tuesday, July 4th, 2006
8:37 pm
30 Icons

16 Kirsten Dunst
4 Paul Bettany
10 Rachel McAdams


over here
Sunday, February 19th, 2006
8:07 pm
♥ Over the Hedge ( 8 Icons )
♥ Wimbledon ( 13 Icons)
♥ Hercules ( 10 Icons)
♥ Moulin Rouge (10 Icons)
♥ Dogs ( 14 Icons) 
♥ Robots ( 6 Icons)
♥ Random ( 15 Icons ) 
♥ Bambi 2 ( 9 Icons)
♥ Nanny McPhee ( 7 Icons)
♥ Kate Beckinsale ( 7 Icons)
♥ Nicole Kidman ( 8 Icons ) 
♥ Grease ( 8 Icons)
♥ Text Icons ( 15 Icons)
♥ Pamela Anderson ( 6 Icons)
♥ Adam Green ( 9 Icons ) 
♥ Britney Spears ( 14 Icons)


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Monday, July 11th, 2005
9:09 pm
4 Paul Bettany icons
4 Paul Bettany icons
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
rest located HERE
Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
3:52 pm
hi im new
i am 13
love love love paul( fit and good actor)
the first time I saw him was in A Knight's Tale-absolutly hilarious coz of him

Friday, October 8th, 2004
9:06 pm

Monday, July 19th, 2004
3:35 pm
^-^ Whee! Fellow Paul fans! Yes! I kinda fell in love with Paul when I saw A Beautiful Mind, which doesn't seem that long ago, but I'm only 15 now, so...^^;;

He's such a great actor, and I'm really looking forward to Wimbledon, despite his pairing with Kirsten Dunst...^^;; Anywho, I'm new and Paul crazy, so...yeah.

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Saturday, June 12th, 2004
11:35 am
Jen Connelly.
I thought I'd fix the OBVIOUS mistake on LJ stating that no Jennifer Connelly community exists. ;)

If you're a fan of Paul's wife as well, consider jen__connelly. Thank you. :)

Saturday, March 20th, 2004
7:16 am
Euston Road
I'm crap at introducing myself, so I think I'll let this little film short do it for me. Have already posted the links below to paul_daily so I hope some of you don't mind that you see this twice.

Paul Bettany was, perhaps, the first raucus Englishman to make my heart flutter... and I think he was also the man who made me fall in love with Geoffrey Chaucer. I suppose that I've got all his speeches from "A Knight's Tale" memorized-- he so beautifully ingrained them irrevocably into my memory. He's a great performer, and has got the best ironically funny timing. He's always worth a watch. So without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give you this film short.

Well, hello to you too.

Euston Road info

watch Paul (low)

watch Paul (high)

Don't you just love him?
Thursday, February 12th, 2004
6:58 am
Game of Death
If anyone wants some screencaps of Paul from Game of Death I took some this morning and can send you an email with them (they're fairly small file sizes, I compressed them). Just email me at fannore @ livejounal.com (without the spaces, of course). :)

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Friday, January 23rd, 2004
1:18 pm
I just watched Lars Von Triers' Dogville. Excellent movie with impeccable performances by Nicole Kidman & Paul Bettany of cos. He's so good.
Sunday, November 30th, 2003
8:41 pm
Hi guys! First time poster here. I made scans from the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly if you'd like to take a peek. Posted them in my journal. Please give credit if you put them anywhere else =) They're lovely pictures of a lovely, lovely man.
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