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Euston Road

I'm crap at introducing myself, so I think I'll let this little film short do it for me. Have already posted the links below to paul_daily so I hope some of you don't mind that you see this twice.

Paul Bettany was, perhaps, the first raucus Englishman to make my heart flutter... and I think he was also the man who made me fall in love with Geoffrey Chaucer. I suppose that I've got all his speeches from "A Knight's Tale" memorized-- he so beautifully ingrained them irrevocably into my memory. He's a great performer, and has got the best ironically funny timing. He's always worth a watch. So without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give you this film short.

Well, hello to you too.

Euston Road info

watch Paul (low)

watch Paul (high)

Don't you just love him?
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